The Essay Formula


The SAT Essay Formula book is very helpful for those preparing for the SAT to get into college. If you read through this book and follow the instructions you will do excellent on your SAT.

The book will give you a chance to write a sample essay on a subject chosen by the author Rodney Daut. You have twenty five minutes to complete the essay. Once you are finished, you are given different examples with the score next to it. By doing this, you can compare your essay with the examples given and how much points each essay is worth. You will know what to focus on and write about when you have to take the SAT essay so you get the highest score possible.

The book lets you know what you need to have to do to impress the grader of SAT’s. The reason you are taking SAT’s is to make sure you will do well in college, especially on tests.

You are given examples on how to impress the person or persons grading your SAT. One of the examples given is to make sure you have a lengthy essay. As mentioned above, you only have twenty five minutes to write your essay. It is a very good idea to get used to writing well and quick.

The book even gives you examples on what not to write about on an essay test. For example, essay graders prefer you use historical, literature, social, biological, or physical sciences facts to explain the points in your essay versus personal experiences you have had on the subject. You are given so much more detailed information on this subject in the book.

The Essay SAT Formula book does a phenomenal job helping you understand how to read the information given on a SAT and how to understand the assignment answer given to you as some of the questions can be quite tricky and misunderstood. This is an extremely vital part of information given to you to highly succeed on your test.

You will be given information on how to lay out your essay so you can write quicker and as successful as possible. Tips will be given to pack each paragraph with valuable information without putting the reader to sleep. You will be given information on how to capture the grader’s attention especially in the first and last paragraph which is highly important. You will be able to write a magnificent conclusion for the grader to read on your essay. This will improve your confidence, thus helping you get a higher score.

By reading the SAT Essay Formula book you will succeed on your SAT’s to help you get into the college of your choice. If you are still in high school, keep studying and learning in your classes. By doing so, you are only helping to create a high essay score by being knowledgeable on many subjects.

The book gives you valuable information on what quotes to use to help you get an even higher score on your SAT essay. Such quotes are given by Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and other famous and intelligent people.

Rodney Daut listed very helpful websites in this book on where to get even more help with your SAT. Each website listed has very helpful information that is all free.

The SAT Essay Formula book can improve your chances of scoring high by understanding how to write your essay for maximum results in getting into the college of your choice.