The Double/Triple Trailer Endorsement for Trucking Jobs


Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) was needed in order for a driver to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). This has been required since 1992. It is the FHWA or the Federal Highway Administration who issues and develops the standards for testing and licensing commercial drivers.

Among other requirements, States are allowed to issue CDLs provided that driver had passed the knowledge and skill tests administered by the State that conform to the type of vehicle that the driver wants to operate.
CDLs are needed by drivers who are in interstate, intrastate or foreign commerce and driving a vehicle that meets the criteria under CMV.

Drivers who carry special type of vehicles or carry special type of items needs to have necessary endorsements. You can have your endorsements by passing additional tests. There are several types of endorsements that a driver might need like the HAZMAT (hazardous Materials) Airbrakes, double triple and many others.

With this article, we will discuss more about the endorsement T which is needed by drivers who operates a double/triple trailers. It is important to know that triple trailers are illegal to some states. Double and triple trucks are also called as LCVs or Longer Combination Vehicles. To obtain such endorsement, a knowledge test is required.

Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration developed minimum training requirements for the operator of LCVs. There are also special requirements for classroom and skill instructors who will train LVC drivers. LCV training is consists of driving and non driving activities. In non driving activities, route planning and checking of cargo and weight are included.

LCV doubles and triples have different training courses because they also have different operating characteristics. To qualify for doubles training, drivers must have at least 6 months of driving experience on vehicles with at least 26, 001 lbs or more GCWR. And for the triples training, a driver must have at least 6 months experience of driving a truck-tractor/semitrailer or twin trailer.

In order to have a triple/double trailers endorsement, a driver must have knowledge of the following:

”  Procedures on the assembly and hook up of the unit

”  Proper placement of the heaviest trailers

”  Handling and stability characteristics which includes sensory feedback, off tracking, response to steering, braking, rollover in steady turns and etc

”  Potential problems in traffic operations like the problems that it may create for other drivers due to slower speeds, longer passing time, lateral placement, view blockages and so on.

Those were some of the information about obtaining a double/triple trailers endorsement that some truck drivers might need aside from the CDL.