The Denver Job Market


It’s no secret or surprise that the job market is looking quite healthy in Denver, and it has been for a while now. What might be a surprise to some is that Denver ranks in the top 20 among US states for having a well educated workforce with over 35% of the population having at least a college degree.  In 2005 Denver was also ranked an amazing 6th among the most literate cities in the US.

Whether you’ve just finished your degree through one of the many local Denver colleges or you’ve gained your education elsewhere, Colorado’s capital city has a great deal to offer you when it comes to your career options. Other past accolades awarded to the city include #14 on the list of “Hot Cities for Entrepreneurs”, #36 on the list for “Best Cities for Doing Business”, and #29 in the list for “Best Places for Business and Careers.” It has also been noted that Denver has the nation’s 4th shortest commute time for workers at only slightly over 35 minutes!

Besides the plethora of outdoor activities, the positive view of balanced lifestyle and the cities unparalleled panoramic views, Denver is also home to the headquarters or major operations for many big league business players including; Centura Health, First data Corp. Janus, Molson Coors Brewing, The Sports Authority, ProLogis, United Airlines, Wells Fargo Bank and Liberty Global, to name just a few. With this many heavy hitters in the area graduates from Denver colleges are finding a whole host of career opportunities in their own backyard.

It really is an urban paradise for those searching for career and lifestyle and if the economic health of the city continues to rise as it has been, you can expect Denver Colorado to become a paradise for many more eager young graduates from every corner of the county.