The Debators-a Platform Created By Mo Abudu For ‘giving Africa A Voice’

.tags Mo Abudu is a popular TV hostess who has always been concerned with gaining the popular with her fair and fragile personality. She has always been engaged in making efforts to go farther ahead in her life. This is because she has maintained and marked an impressive image in the current society with her glorious achievements she earned by doing numbers of fantastic efforts. Her blockbuster show ‘Moments with Mo’ has played a pivotal role in proving her as a trained and polished hostess. Now, she has come up with another innovative concept The Debaters- to add a unique and attractive feather to the cap of her fame.

As you have generally seen that most talk shows come in the market with light-hearted entertainment. Apart from it, they are also seen as a mean of getting knowledge about your favorite actors and similar personalities. However, Mo Abudu took an initiative for broking this convention when she came up with ‘Moments with Mo. She also continued it with her another idea that also got a huge appreciation from the audience when it is first aired in October 2009. With an aim to bring about change in the society, she created the basic theme of the show. The only purpose for introducing this show is to prepare a platform for ‘giving Africa a voice’.

‘The Debaters’ is aired with an intention to entertain, motivate, educate, influence and inform its viewers. In other words, this show of Mo Abudu was launched to give a new direction to the way society thinks about Africa. The show has played a crucial in solving the problems that affected both Africa and the realization of its true potential. On a final note, the show didnt succeed in getting a good response from the audience, but it also helped in expressing one’s freedom of speech, as well as fulfilling the philanthropic objective as well in a big way.