The Danger Of Rogue Security Programs

Rogue security programs come from the “shadier” side of the Internet and for the most part they are built to harass computer users. These programs act by simulating viruses and antivirus software simultaneously to give a computer user the impression that they have been infected by a virus or malware. The types of applications such known as rogue security programs have also been labeled “scareware” because they use ethical practices and show no concern for malicious actions taken by these applications which are all geared toward scaring the user into purchasing a solution to the problem that’s been caused by the software itself.

Many of these rogue security programs have been developed to preempt users from taking action against them by selectively preventing components of the operating system from working so that the malware can’t be removed by simple straightforward program removal and un-installation methods. The software are sometimes also designed to disable operating system updates, block access to legitimate anti-virus, and security software vendor web sites and worse, disabling the installation and action of currently-installed antivirus and anti-malware software preventing them from performing their function. Some of these “scareware” software have been known to change the security permissions of all of a computer’s files as well as lock the operating system. Rogue security programs can even take longer to remove than many other malware and viruses for even an experienced computer repair technician.

Be careful not to believe any web page that states that your computer is infected with viruses and if your browser locks up preventing you from closing the page or window, restart your computer via the Windows start menu “shut down” option or the power button if you have no easy options. Rogue security programs have been delivered through web pages that users are redirected to when browsing the world wide web, whether they are pop-up windows or web pages that emulate a Windows graphical user interface and they have been distributed via advertisements embedded in web pages as well. Because of the risks, it is often better to shut down the computer rather than clicking purposely or accidentally on these windows to prevent your system from becoming infected by these software and often they require rely upon human interaction not only to profit the distributors with a purchase of the rogue security programs but also for the initial installation and strive to trick or fool users of Internet into installing them.