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?? Visit GfK Group, the world’s home appliances business, general manager of Milton Friedman? Stockton

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Expo, “electrical” reporter on the scene show ran the show came to attend the GfK Group, the world’s home appliances business, general manager of Milton Friedman? Stockton. To the global consumer electronics market from data collection and analysis agency heads there to learn more domestic appliance market dynamics and characteristics of the April 17 afternoon, the reporter on Friedman? Stockton interviewed.

Consciousness with the world

When a reporter mentioned that the changes in recent years when China’s home appliance market, Friedman? Stockton feelings a lot. He said: “Compared few years ago, China’s home appliance market of basic synchronization with the international market, a number of product design concept is in line with international trends, such as more common in the developed markets of embedded home appliances in the Chinese market is gradually being consumers favor. some sense of the macro policy level to stay ahead, the most direct example is that China is more and more energy-efficient home appliances paste the logo, which promote energy conservation awareness in the global context of environmental protection is very necessary. In addition, analysis of market trends of Chinese enterprises is also rising awareness, to provide data services from the GfK situation, many Chinese companies will be commissioned before the introduction of new GfK environment of the target market research, carried out the data analysis design R & D, which five years ago or not. “

GfK statistics show that Asia is the world’s fastest growing home appliance product sales areas, which, while China plays a large-scale manufacturing base and consumer market opportunities hidden broad dual role of home appliances in Asia and the world development of the market played an important role. Friedman? Stockton told reporters: “GfK noted that some Chinese companies are actively entering the international market with its own brand, in many areas, such as the Middle East, Africa, can already see the brand of household electrical appliances in China.” He believes that “China’s home appliance brand awareness is not enough, when the market demand for greater differentiation when present, more suitable for Chinese brands involved, currently, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and home appliances market with such characteristics.”

Statistics from the GfK data, several major factors constitute the global electronics market sales growth in the current driving force, pushing



Air conditioning


Washing machine

Broad categories such as the upgrading of major home appliances. First, as living standards improve, more consumers want to choose volume products, such as larger capacity refrigerators and washing machines. Second, consumers prefer to use a more convenient product, incorporates new technologies, new concepts, new products designed to attract consumers. Moreover, with consumers growing awareness of energy saving, energy-efficient home appliances have become more popular.

Concern is that the number of households in Asia accounted for 48.8% of the overall size of the world, but in the global appliance market, the proportion was only 26.8% of sales; At the same time, the number of households in Western Europe accounted for only 10% global share However appliances sales account for 23.5% of the global market. Friedman? Stockton that this use of electrical appliances in different parts of the world’s habits. In Europe, the basic every family should keep a maximum number of household appliances, such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, that they will be equipped with some electrical appliances. But Asian countries are different, ordinary families are often required to select only a few samples home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, others would not buy. But it also shows that consumer electronics market in Asia for some time of non-essential product categories will have a larger sales volume growth. From the sales point of view, close to one-third of the global electronics market sales come from Western Europe, mainly due to selection of home appliances in Western Europe most of the family is a very high-end. For the Asia-Pacific market, in addition to expanding sales of household electrical appliances, how to make sales to grow should be the more critical challenge.

Channels dominate the global home appliance chain sales market

Friedman? Stockton told the “electrical” Reporter: “China’s retail market with the international market trend is very similar to the rapid development of chain of channels, including home appliance chain, supermarket chain, including channel model has become a home appliance sales an important battleground.