The Coastal Catalonia Region


Visiting and touring Spain once in your lifetime is not enough, but it is definitely worthwhile. This country is a popular tourist destination because of the many beautiful aspects making it up. They vary from natural to man-made, and are of great value to this European country. Spain is the world’s second most visited country mainly for tourism purposes.

Spaniards depend largely on tourism generated revenue for their survival. This means that tourism here plays a big role in the daily lives of most people as well as the economic growth of the country. Spain has marvelous sandy beaches, breathtaking mountain ranges, beautiful landscapes, as well as museums and monuments of much importance. Visitors are not only attracted by the natural beauty but also the magnificent works of human hands.


Famed for its Costa Brava which is composed of plenty of beautiful relaxing beaches and perfect climate, Catalonia is a region on Spain’s soil. This hot tourist destination has mild climate as well as mountain ranges that are quite high making it very attractive. It is home to Mount Pyrenees and Montserrat volcanoes which has long been inactive.

This region has adopted a Mediterranean tradition distinguishing it from all other regions because of different features. There is lots of exciting water sports in this region making your stay wonderful. You will probably learn a new sport or realize that you are good at a sport you never knew you were good at. Modern facilities are on the rise making Catalonia very developed and modern although the natural aspect is still very dominant.

Wines, rice dishes and seafood make up the gastronomy of Catalonia. It is famed for its dessert Catalonian Cream which is a traditional sweet dessert.

Attractions in Catalonia

This region has outstanding structures which include Antonio Gaudi’s work and the Gothic Quarter. Its coastal side, Costa Brava, is a major tourist attraction. The enormous stretch makes this coast home to numerous beautiful beaches. Romantic coves and steep cliffs add to the natural beauty of the coast.

Costa Dorada situated south of Costa Brava has beautiful golden sands making its beauty unmatched. It also has Cau Ferrat museum which is very interesting. Other major attractions here are Girona the historic city, Tarragon the Roman Empire city, Figueres the birthplace of Salvador Dali the great painter, and Lerida situated in an area full of mountains which also has an interesting cathedral.