The Coast Of Sun


Spain, the country of many possibilities

A recent study showed that one of the most visited European countries is Spain; with all it beautiful places and historical towns to visit, Spain will amaze you again and again. Millions of people pass its frontiers annually to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the shining sun. With all its coasts and vacation resorts, Spain can be the perfect holiday destination for you and your loved ones.

Why Marabella?

It is very hard to name some of the most beautiful places in Marabella because all of them have their own unique features. Although in the 18th century the most popular city on Costa Del Sol fell into decline, after some years the things reverted to being as good as they used to be: the graffiti problem was solved, the beaches became relaxing places and the restaurants and pubs didn’t hesitate to open.

Marabella’s heart

In the main centre of this wonderful city you’ll find many historical places: the cobbled streets will lead you to the ancient settlements of the Moors. The Town Hall dominates the whole area and has done so since the 16th century. In its neighbourhood, you can visit Plaza de los Naranjo; this square houses the Marabella Cathedral and the Marabella museum. In this museum you can admire the work and art of some of the greatest personalities in the art world: Dali, Picasso or Miro. If you are in love with Japanese art, you can visit a museum with such items; Museo de Bonsai waits for its visitors to admire its unique trees. As in many places in Spain, in Marabella you can also find some wonderful golf courses. This relaxing game is preferred by many tourists, so numerous such places have been built. Out of the most popular to be mentioned: Las Brisas Golf Course and Los Naranjos Golf courses. This city can also be proud of its numerous shops and malls; it is very well known in all Spain that the best quality products can be bought only in Marabella.

Don’t forget about the beaches

All the beaches of Marabella are crowded; it is very visited especially in the summer. Don’t miss any of them, relax your eyes with the beautiful panoramas and take some long sunbaths. Furthermore, along these beaches you can refresh yourself or taste the famous Spanish tapas! You won’t regret it!