The Business Industry Of The Philippines

{flickr|100|campaign} Want to start a business? Businesses have become a very popular trend in the Philippines, particularly among the many average Filipinos. Part of the reason why is because of the many new business opportunities introduced in the Philippines which caters to the budget of the middle class of the society. A popular example of those types of businesses includes franchise businesses.

Franchise Business of the Philippines
According to the Philippine Franchise Association, or PFA, the governing body that regulates the franchising industry of the Philippines, the franchise business industry of the Philippines had significantly grown in the market since the 1990s, from 50 franchises, to over 1000 today.

The advantage of franchise businesses is because of the idea that the success of the franchisor is also the success of the franchisee, in which franchisees have the advantage of starting up quickly based on a proven trademark, and the tooling and infrastructure as opposed to developing them.

According to many experts, the reason why the franchise industry had grown in the Philippines is because of the growth of new franchise businesses, particularly in the food cart sector which had continuously grown even today. The reason why is because many of todays food cart businesses have become much more affordable. With only P20,000 Philippine Pesos, a Filipino can easily franchise a new food cart business.

Because of this, many Filipinos were given the chance to secure their future and the future of their family with starting up quickly based on a proven trademark, and the tooling and infrastructure as opposed to developing them.

Financial Support Programs
Due to the increasing popularity of businesses in the Philippines, either franchise or from scratch, many loaning firms as well as banks have offered new Business loans Philippines that aim to offer Filipinos the financial support they needed to start a business of their own. BPI is one of the many banks in the Philippines today that can offer Business loans Philippines.

BPI Ka-Negosyo is one of BPIs financial support plans that aim to offer Filipinos the chance to start their lives anew or to improve their lives. BPI Home-Loan and Auto-Loan are some popular services by BPI, until Ka-Negosyo was founded to offer financial support for Filipino entrepreneurs.

Because of their Business loans Philippines services, many more Filipinos are finally given the chance to start their business without having to worry about the budget to be used for their business.