The Brentwood home of Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe, one of the most glamorous women in the history of Hollywood, is well-known worldwide as an actress, singer and model. Although she passed away, her name and works have still lived forever in fans’ heart. Recently, her Brentwood home in Los Angeles, the U.S. is for sale at the price of $ 3.6 million. It was reported that Marilyn spent $ 90,000 in 1962 on this house and lived there 6 months before her death. The entire lot has the area of 23,200 square feet, but the living space with four bedrooms and three baths only occupies 2,624 square feet. An interesting feature of the Brentwood home is the kidney-shaped swimming pool. Let’s have a look at this beautiful house where Marilyn Monroe passed away through the following images.


Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962) was a famous American actress, singer and model



The house is situated at 5 Brentwood Street, Los Angeles


It cost Marilyn Monroe $ 90,000 in 1962


Now The Brentwood home is at the price of $ 3.6 million


Marilyn Monroe was proud of her kidney-shaped pool though she never swam in it


It has four bedrooms, three baths, a large kitchen and a kidney-shaped pool


The house has changed its owners several times


Marilyn had lived there for about six months before she passed away


She died of taking sedative overdose in her home



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