The Billiard Hall On Main Street Is Crawling With Undead: Zombies Everywhere!

.tags I’m transmitting this message to warn all living humans round the vicinity of Springfield, USA. Keep removed from the billiard hall downtown and the encircling area. It’s crawling with zombies. Well, it was. I used to be simply there, and, quite honestly, don’t know how I survived. Earlier today, I left my home billiard area base to search out replacement billiard cue sticks since my last, remaining billiard cue stick had been broken in an earlier country store skirmish once I was trying for food…and dog treats. Talk regarding the backwoods family from hell. This undead family was a literal walking nightmare. I broke my strongest graphite cue over papa zombie’s ugly head, then impaled ma, junior, and also the twins with the nub.

Sorry, I digress. I went out alone to confirm the highest level of stealth and avoid detection by undead eyes. I had done this lots of times before with no problems, not solely to avoid risking the protection of others in the cluster, but additionally to allow for the very best level of discreetness. If everyone else is back at “home billiard space base,” I do not have to fret about my position being compromised.

Since this little billiard dive was right down the road from the country store I had just visited, I made a decision to venture there, in hopes of finding lots of strong billiard pool cues and balls (or zombie weapons) lying around. I knew the risk would be high, since the billiard hall lies in the center of the downtown strip, however I failed to expect to encounter what I did. Finding more cue sticks was a necessity, as my supply at home was fully diminished. I pried open the facet door at the pool hall with my gigantor-sized crow bar (I’ve got however to be in a position to find a smaller one), which immediately caught the eye of 4 zombies behind the bar. I could barely step inside before they were on me, grabby arms, rotten teeth, and all. I fought them off and disposed of them quickly, however swinging around that heavy crowbar already had me winded.

The whole billiard hall was completely torn apart. Table felt ripped apart, billiard cue racks and bar stools thrown around, and a lot of blood and bodies…everywhere. I did not have abundant time to look around before a lot of undead began lunging at me from each direction. Naturally, the only billiard cue rack I noticed with any pool cues in it absolutely was on the other facet of the pool hall. Without delay, I hurried towards it, splitting open a fresh zombie skull with every step. After crawling below two billiard tables and jumping over another, I was able to grab a stray cue stick off of the ground beside me. Upon standing, I broke the cue in [*fr1] over my knee to form two weapons rather than one. I had to sacrifice length and a safer distance of a extended stick thanks to the insanely, exponential quantity of undead opponents. And, swinging a serious crow bar in one hand and a pool cue in the opposite might throw off your balance, probably hurling yourself unexpectedly into a zombie’s death clutch.

After some seconds of this continuous nonsense, I noticed there was no leaving what was left of this pool hall alive until every last zombie in there was dead. One after another they perished, as I quickly reduced the undead hoard to a pile of rotting stench. When dropping the last one and finishing off a few crawlers, my eyes once once more fixed upon the cue stick rack within the corner. As my heart rate slowed, I gained my breath and hurried over. Once gathering the pool cues into a bundle, I collected my things, as well as some billiard balls (billiard balls inside of tube socks makes for great zombie-head-bludgeoning-weapons), and left, ignoring several faint moans returning from the heap of undead covering the billiard hall floor.

Certain may be a shame. That little billiard hall used to be a fun place to visit…each relaxing and exciting all at once. Not anymore. Stinking undead. Will this madness ever stop? It looks to be obtaining worse every time I’m going out…a lot of and a lot of undead and fewer and less living. Appears they have taken over most of the foremost businesses in Springfield. And if the tiny community of Springfield is this bad, what regarding alternative cities…major cities? My “home billiard space base” is changing into the sole place left where my acquaintances and I feel somewhat safe. Just keep in mind, if you want to go out, be extremely cautious. Our rivals are extremely instinctive and even a lot of apathetic. Try to go out in tiny groups, as going out alone is turning into increasingly risky. And for God’s sake-and your own-take a sturdy weapon, either a crow bar, pool cue, or something similar. This is your life! Arm yourselves accordingly! And keep alive!! Future transmissions upcoming.