The Best Way to Kill Roaches


When it comes to German cockroach infestations, there are many pest control products on the market today, few that work over-the-counter, but getting your hands on professional pest control products may not be easy either. So let me give you some advice. Hang on, here we go.

Since the EPA took a few of the categories of pest control products including the organophosphates under the Clinton Administration, (they now regret it due to the bedbug crisis), pest control products now have less categories and more opportunity for insects to become resistant. The more categories that we had, the more we could rotate products to prevent it. Well, here we are now, even though they want to emergency reverse it. We are were we are. We have to work with mostly the synthetic pyrethroids now, unless you want to use Green pest control products. In any event, I have the silver bullet for you.

The silver bullet in pest control products is the IGRs. IGR stands for Insect Growth Regulator. Sounds strange, I know. But what an IGR does to a roach is stranger. It will literally stump their growth and they will become deformed, and not ever turn into an adult roach. Sounds gross but it really does work at stopping roaches from growing in population.

The way an IGR works is by tricking the roach’s body into thinking it is already an adult, even if it is a nymph (pre-adult). The pheromone introduced with an IGR simulates the natural one that would be present if the roach were an adult.

Now I know that you are still worried about all the roaches that are running around currently, but do not get upset. If you truly understand how an IGR works, you will appreciate that it is better than having more and more roaches being born daily. The problem with German roaches is that the female only needs to be impregnated once, then she can lay eggs for the rest of her life without ever mating again! She becomes a baby roach machine, at your expense. It may take a little time, but with the introduction of an IGR, you can were out the life cycles of the roaches.

Additionally, one of the benefits of using an Insect Growth Regulator is that roaches don’t seem to become resistant to it. Resistance is passed down to the next generation when fighting a foreign chemical such as a pest control product spray, but with the Growth Regulator, there is no next generation.