The Best Tapas In Spain.

.tags Right now it’s above 15 years I’ve lived in Spain and more specifically on the Canary Islands in Lanzarote.
I effectively keep in mind my first impression once I relocated to Lanzarote: Not capable to get a tapas restaurant! Having staying in main Spain especially a couple of months to Barcelona, I was familiar with the ” real Spanish ” unique of eating whenever and everywhere some tapas with a glass of beer or a drop of wine. Ever since things have improved slightly and the tapas tend to be today quite popular anywhere in the European Union. However what exactly are usually tapas? I will come up with an easy visualization of the most important food delivered in tapas you could find in the country of Spain and in the Canary Islands:

The Spanish omelet (Tortilla Espaola) is perhaps by far the most typical tapas you find in every bars or cafeterias in Spain. It is simply an omelet made of eggs, potatoes and in some cases a few onions which are usually served cold as warm as you may want.

The French omelet (Tortilla francesa) is simply beaten eggs to be offered like it is or perhaps in a sandwich with breads recently rubbed with a portion of tomato and garlic.

Meatballs (Albndigas) still a classic in Spain, these are meatballs normally beef or pork, seasoned and presented generally with a thick tomato sauce.

Russian salad (Ensaladilla russa) is a cold salad created of pieces of potatoes, tuna, olives, carrots, peas, boiled eggs all combined with mayonnaise. A treat, quite refreshing in summer, but pay attention to the excess calories.

Ham croquettes or fish (croquettes) made out of quite a thick white sauce mixed with ham, chicken as well as fish all folded with a spoon and keep through the fryer. Superb with a combined salad (lettuce, tomato, onions, carrots, olives).

Chickpea (Garbanzas) are generally chickpeas which are prepared with chunks of meats or bacon forming a kind of soup very solid and extremely fulfilling peasant food. Ideal if you’re starving and a tiny bit short of bucks.

Veal Stew (Estofado de ternera ) the Spanish type is a little bit lighter when compared with the traditional French stew. So these are parts of veal mixed with veggies such as leeks, onions, carrots and peas all prepared in broth with some white wine.

Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al ajillo) is my favorite tapas; they’re just peeled prawns only dives right into a tiny pan of boiling olive oil seasoned by incorporating pieces of fresh garlic and hot chili peppers. Everything is served straight at the table in that small container still boiling, delicious with a bit of bread soaked in oil when still warm.

Canarian fish stew (Sancocho canario) sancocho is a traditional manner of making fish, that usually consists of immersing dried and salted fish (cherne) before boiling it in a large container with batatas (sweet potatoes), lot of garlic, cumin and paprika.

Here I expect I’ve whetted your mouth!

Buen apetito.