The Best Family Attractions In Ecuador

{flickr|100|campaign} Ecuador could be a good destination for your family holiday. There you can find a large array of family friendly Ecuador hotels, in which you can be sure that your kids will be safe. Ecuador has a lot to provide to its visitors. You may see anything there- from religious and cultural monuments to historical cities and the Amazon rainforest, of course. You can find stunning beaches, some of them located on a isolated and tranquil place, so that you can be sure that you’ll spend plenty of time with your family.

Hotels in Ecuador dispose with the most modern facilities. You can find offered all types of hotels- from the small budget hotels and hostels to the luxury four and five star hotels providing ideal high quality service and remarkable SPA centers.

There are some attractions in Ecuador that are proper for visiting by your whole family members and it’s sure that you will have plenty of fun. There is a list of the most popular of them:

El Telefriqo & Vulqano Park

In case you spend any time in Quito, and for those who have kids in town, this is a must-stop. The rapid and thrilling ride up the mountain in this cable-car gondola is frequently enough to put a smile on most kids’ faces, and there is also an amusement park (Vulqano Park) at the base of the cable car.

Hacienda La Alegra

This gorgeous old hacienda is also a working farm. Children can watch or even lend a hand when the cows are milked. Horseback riding is the specialty, and they have really good horses, trails, and trainers for introducing young riders to the sport. Their safety concern and record are exemplary.

Baos de Agua Santa:

While best termed a backpacker and adventure-travel hot spot, Baos is also perfect for kids. Vacationing Ecuadorian families arrive here, and there could be found amazing family friendly Ecuador hotels.

The Galpagos Islands:

Many of the Galpagos cruise ships and tour companies deliver exclusive family-oriented tours. There’s tons to see and do, and plenty of science, nature, and adventure to keep the entire family interested and entertained. It is guaranteed that your children will love these wonderful islands.