The Best FaceBook Marketing Software with lead generation

The Best FaceBook Marketing Software with lead generation – The Ultimate Facebook Marketing and lead mining tool and fb automation software that you ever need. The official Facebook Marketing Automation Software! Jan 2016 updated version. YOU DO NOT NEED FACEBOOK ADS.

New version demo video – Download this awesome Facebook marketing software from here. This software is updated constantly and new features added. Hence you might find a new user Interface that you see in the above video demo. Support can be provided only if this is purchased from the above website.

“FacebookMarketingAutomation” – The best FaceBook Marketing Software. Revolutionary Software to Dig Out RED HOT Leads for Your Business.

Use this software to find “Custom Audiences” by scraping them from your competitors or your target Fan-pages, FB Groups and then start interacting with them using the software or even use FB ads and pay for pennies to target the specific Facebook ids. You may also use my Facebook remarketing strategies that will sky rocket enable you to reach back to vanished leads and convert them successfully into high paying customers.

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Software Features:

Find Groups, Pages, Places, Posts based on your keyword.
Set the number of results you want.
Results are saved in a report folder.
Harvest users profile based on your given Group, Page url.
Harvest members from Facebook likes, groups or friends page
Automatic Friend Request and Friend Adder with PERSONALIZED messages.
User interaction: Auto Comment with User name, message, like, poke etc. for any users you specify.
Create unlimited fully functional Timeline fan pages.
Create Special Gate pages. When liked it directs to an external website inside Facebook.
Create Facebook Forums.
Create Facebook Blogs.
Harvest images and download to your computer and use the same for sharing later.
And more…

Do you want to get Facebook Ads at $0.01 per Click?

Here’s a great software which will help you to laser target quality leads from Facebook. The software will help you to scrape Facebook user ids and Facebook emails which you can use to target with Facebook Ads.

Here’s The Simple Marketing Steps With this Software

Step 1 — Decide your marketing niche. Think out of the box and try to avoid IM niche.

Step 2 — Type in the Keyword to find related Facebook Groups or Pages in your desired Niche.

Step 3 — Use The Software again to harvest people who are in those groups. These are your potential customers’.

Step 4 — Create a Fan page or Gate page of your niche using the FB Apps Ninja WP Plugin

Step 5 — Then use the Software to send PERSONALIZED friend request messages to these people. Do not send more than 10-15 messages in a day. Set and forget the software and let it run in back ground.

Step 6 — Be REAL. Create your own brand and authority. In Social media marketing nobody will trust you unless you show enough credibility. Share great contents, videos, pictures. DO NOT SPAM with your affiliate links.

REMEMBER: That when you buy this software you get the power. When you get more power you should be even more responsible.

Step 7 – Once you get enough friends, you create even more content. Share your good blog posts which provides great content. Drive targeted traffic to your blogs and website when you share them with targeted audience.

If you wish to use Facebook ads to laser target your prospects this is the tool you need to get.
Here’s a great video on how to laser target Facebook Ads for pennies. Targeting Facebook users using Facebook Ids and Facebook domain emails. [Watch from 2:10 position].

When you’re working towards advanced Facebook marketing, there are tools that can help you get started on your adventure. Marketing through Facebook without any tools is like working with hand Facebook Marketing Software tools and trying to take care of a farm. While possible, you’d do much better to invest in capital machinery and power tools to make your job Facebook Marketing Software more efficient and profitable. Facebook “power tools” are out there that will boost your ability to market online.