The Best Cities of Spain


Although you can find lots and lots of information about Spain online, it can be quite hard to find a quality visitor guide in that massive pool of information. Things like what to do, what to visit and where to spend the night may be a little hard to figure out at first. This is why we aim to bring attention to some of the best cities of Spain in this article. These cities are some of the most well- known around the world, not just in Spain. You will also learn about new places, new things to do and what each city has to offer to you, the tourist.


I am sure that you know that Madrid is one of the most renowned cities of Spain. Although it gets a great deal of  attention from tourists, it also gets a lot of mixed opinions and reactions. A number of people appreciate the diversity that the city has to offer, while others are baffled by its large size, thus failing to really see what this wonderful city truly has to offer. The truth is Madrid is not for everyone, but you cannot really form a natural opinion until you experience it at least once in your life. The more time you spend there, the more you will like what it has to offer.


Another well known city around the world is that of Barcelona. It is without a doubt the most well known city in Spain. Featuring wonderful arhitecture, old buildings and a rich history, it is one of the world’s best tourist atractions at this point. Widely appreciated by football fans as well, it offers an amazing city life, making it basically the perfect city to spend a vacation in.


Although Granada is quite a small city, it manages to attract a large number of tourists every year. It offers lots of cool things to visit, such as the Moorish Alhambra fortress, the Moroccan tea houses and the free tapas. Once you visit these places it is almost guaranteed that you will not want to go home soon. A truly wonderful tourist location, do not get fooled by its size.


Seville is known for many things around the world. But there is one thing that is sure: this city is really hot. Not just in the cool way, it is hot literally; it is basically the perfect summer tourist location. Featuring wonderful architecture, such as the Cathedral or the Alcazar, Seville takes its well-deserved place as one of Spain’s best cities for tourists.