The Best Christmas Markets In Europe This Winter

.tags Treat yourself to a weekend winter break during this frosty season and at the same time avoid the hustle and bustle of the high street that everyone dreads at this time of year. Give yourself the opportunity to purchase all your Christmas gifts in an exquisite atmosphere by choosing a destination that is hosting a luxury Christmas market. The list of cities in Europe that will be hosting luxury Christmas markets this winter is endless, therefore here are a few of the best ideas for your trip this winter:

-Germany is a good direction to head, with cities such as Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Dresden and Nuremburg all showcasing a wide range of produce. Dresden’s luxury Christmas market is the oldest in Germany, dating back to 1434. It maintains a traditional aspect in relation to goods that are sold with local craftsmen coming from nearby in order to trade their goods. Cologne hosts six Christmas markets, four of which are located at the famous Cologne Cathedral. The area provides a stunning backdrop and the perfect atmosphere to soak up your shopping experience.

-Belgium is another country that boasts a range of markets, both Brussels and Bruges have their own luxury Christmas market, the Bruges Christmas market even offers a specially build ice rink at this time of year for an amazing experience in this medieval city. Brussels market is a must for food lovers, local cuisine such as Belgian chocolates, French olives, steamed mussels, as well as Dutch cheeses. An added bonus, the convenience of getting to Belgium on the Eurostar from London means that there is no need to worry about extra baggage costs on the way home when you will be carrying all the gifts that you have purchased!

-Head to Scandinavia for a Nordic luxury Christmas market experience. Stockholm and Copenhagen host markets for over a month, staying open until the end of December, giving you flexibility in your travel dates and offering a fairly tale atmosphere in which to indulge.

-Alternatively head east to Budapest in Hungary, their luxury Christmas market provide entertainment such as Hungarian folk music and dancing, as well as carol singing and hot local produce to warm your cockles. The Danube offers a breath taking setting for all visitors and the perfect Christmas shopping experience.

So give yourself the shopping experience that you will never forget this winter, Europe’s assorted range of luxury Christmas markets offer a choice to suite everyone. Get booking!