The Best Beaches Of Spain

The country of Spain is well known for its wonderful and exceptionally beaches. It features around 5,000 miles of coastline. Much of that coastline offers amazing, world renowned beaches. Although the majority of tourists go to Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca when they go to vacation in Spain, it also offers a large number of other quality beaches. At least where there is coastline!

San Sebastian

The La Concha beach is located in San Sebastian. Many believe that La Concha has one of the greatest beaches in Spain, even in Europe. It is positioned in the northwest part of Spain, where it borders with France. San Sebastian is a wonderful coastal city that features great tapas (or Pintxos as they are called in Spain). It has one of the greatest beaches that you will ever visit in your life. It is one of the nicest beaches in the area as the majority of beaches located in the Basque Country are not very appealing.

Playa de Las Catedrales

The Playa de Las Catedrals is the nicest beach located in Galicia, hands down. It features beautiful rock formations that were created by the sea. A truly exceptional sight.

Ses Illetes Formentera

The Ses Illetes Formentera is the absolute best beach in the Baleric Island. Largely used and visited by tourists, it has a large number of good reviews on the internet. The Cala Conta is rated very good as well. Both are highly recommended.

The Beaches of Sitges

The Beaches of Sitges are the greatest beach located around Barcelona. The town of Sitges is world renowned as a party place featuring a large number of quality beaches. You can be sure that you will find much nicer beaches than the Barceloneta Beach. The town of Sitges is also widely known for its gay community, but you will find mixed beaches. You can also find nudist beaches.

The Beach of Nerja

The beach of Nerja is located on the Costa del Sol, in Andalusia. Beware that the Costa del Sol is very expensive though, and has a reputation for that. It is better not to go there if you are on a shopping spree because you will quickly find yourself without a penny in your pocket. Consider visiting Nerja or Motril, both of which are located only one hour or so driving distance from Granada and Malaga.