The Best Beaches in Mexico


There are many different beaches you can go to in Mexico. While some are more exotic and favored by many they are all refreshing, beautiful and relaxing to take a trip to. Cancun and the Yucatan have some of the countries best beaches they even considered stunning by most. The beaches are amazing, like nothing you will have even seen, covered with white sand and clear waters. You can see the ocean floor for miles out which is incredible. Some people have never gone on a trip to Mexico and it is time you did! If you like beaches like these than continue reading because I will go over more below:

Cancun is a long beach covered with white sand, surrounded by clear waters it is an amazing sight to experience. This beach top rated among many and is a favorite of many families. If you love being in paradise than this trip will not disappoint you one bit. Imagine relaxing out on the sand while you sip from your tasty tropical drink. This beach is a great place to bring the kids. You can go scuba diving out in the ocean and see the colorful fish and Caribbean reefs.
Isla Mujeres. This is a very peaceful and relaxing beach. Everything is laid back and it gives you the feeling like you really live there. You won’t see huge resorts but more of a small town feel. You and your family can find little inns to stay the night and this place can be a lot cheaper than Cancun.
Cozumel. This place does not have many beach areas. It is admired for its calm waters and its unique aquarium like waters. You can literally see thousands of fish swimming through the waters and its an amazing sight.
Playa del Carmen. This area is a mixture of small town and larger accommodation. You stay next to a beautiful beach with many all inclusive treats. There are many restaurants and clubs for the night life. This place to great for younger people who want to party.
Tulum. This beach is one of the best. It is surrounded by small hotels and you get the feeling of paradise. You will not see and big resorts and the accommodation is often small inns.

With this list you should be able to visit the best beaches in all of Mexico. Enjoy your trip! You will have a blast!