The Best Accommodation Option In New York

.tags There are many reasons to call the city the Big Apple. It’s actually the most populated city in the entire USA, and its metropolitan area is one of the most populated ones on Earth. New York City is also a major city on the global scale. It’s a leader in various areas, including finance, commerce, culture, art, and entertainment.

While staying in New York City, you should consider choosing a holiday apartment as your accommodation. That’s because it has many advantages over other types of accommodations, and namely hotels. A holiday apartment will feel more like a home-away-from-home, due to the various amenities that it contains. While hotels can be luxurious, they lack the homeliness that you can enjoy in holiday apartments.

Between your time in the holiday apartment, which tourist attractions should you see in New York City? One that you should certainly include on your itinerary, is the Empire State Building. It’s one of the tallest buildings throughout the entire USA, and it’s the structure that King Kong famously climbed in various movies. The building is over 1,450 feet in height. Meanwhile, if you want to climb to the 102nd floor of the structure, then put on your walking shoes. That’s because the building contains 1,860 steps!

While in New York City, you should also consider visiting Grand Central Terminal. This building is located in midtown Manhattan. It first opened its doors to the public in 1913, and has undergone a major restoration since then. Every day, Grand Central Terminal is visited by hordes of New Yorkers and visitors alike.

The Statue of Liberty is yet another must-see attraction that you should consider visiting in NYC. This structure was actually a gift from France, to the USA. It celebrated the two countries’ alliance during the Revolutionary War in America. Interestingly, although the statue was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the USA, it was dedicated a decade afterwards!

Yet another tourist attraction that you should visit while in the Big Apple, is the American Museum of Natural History. The museum was founded in 1869, and features incredible collections and exhibits related to humans and the world that we live in. There’s something for everyone in this museum.

Why not also consider the Rockefeller Center on your NYC itinerary? This structure was built during the Great Depression, and created many jobs for New Yorkers. After spending a day touring NYC, you could whip up a tasty meal in your holiday apartment. Make sure to book your holiday apartment online. This will guarantee that you have accommodations when you arrive in the Big Apple.