The Benefits of the Freight Calculator For Shippers And Customers Alike


Anyone who has ever been even slightly involved with freight shippers is aware of the importance of the freight calculator. This isn’t just some convenient pocket calculator you get at an office supplies store for the price of a hamburger. The freight calculator is actually nothing more than a series of mathematical equations that are used in the world of freight shipping as a means for offering customers an accurate freight quote.

Most importantly, the freight calculator is arguably the most indispensable of budgeting and accounting tools for any freight and shipping company. Not only does the freight calculator offer freight costs, it also ensures that all customers are being charged on the same guidelines. Naturally, if a freight and shipping company gets a reputation for over-charging or being inconsistent with their prices, it is going to be bad for business and sales are going to drop.

Currently, the internet is riddled with a series of applications that claim to be accurate freight calculators. It’s highly recommended that any individual or group of individuals who are looking into shipping use a plethora of different freight calculator’s to get an independent freight quote for their product from someone other than the company that will do the shipping. This isn’t to say shipping companies are devious with their own freight calculators; it’s just that it is always smart to get a second (or third) opinion.

Most consumers are under the assumption that, since the freight calculators are equations set by the shipping companies, than the freight calculator must be specifically designed to only benefit the shipping companies themselves. That could not be farther from the truth, as the freight calculator is an exceptional tool that can benefit the customers to a tremendous degree.

Say your business is debating between two shipping companies (or a group of shipping companies, for that matter). How do you decide which company is the one for you? Both seem customer friendly, both have reputable reputations, and both promise to deliver your products on the same date. The freight calculator can help you make the decision which company to go with. By estimating what the total cost will be, you’ll get a look at which company offers you the best rate.

That is the real beauty in the freight calculator. It’s not just a budgeting and accounting tool for the freight shippers; its beneficial to the customer as well.