The Benefits of Table Tennis


Sure, you watch Wimbledon. You even get really into the U.S. Open. Let’s face it, though. You’re never going to be head-to-head with Andre Agassi on the court. However, there’s another type of tennis that you might have never considered trying — table tennis. If you’ve ever watched a table tennis video, you know that it really is a sport! It also has some really great benefits that you probably wouldn’t imagine…

First of all, table tennis is a highly, physical game. It’s really competitive and if you’re good enough and you play seriously, it can be really good for you! It’s really great if you’re working to improve hand-eye coordination, which is important in everyday life! In addition, it’s an awesome arm workout as all of your arm’s muscles are constantly in motion! Your arms are so busy during a match that you might not even notice that your legs are getting a lot of exercise too. The cardiovascular workout that you get while playing table tennis is incredible.

Table tennis also has several mental benefits. A player has to be on his or her toes at all times to keep up with the demands of this high-intensity sport. Concentration is the key in the game of table tennis and it requires the most extreme focus. It’s really great for senior citizens to get involved because it keeps the brain active. Regardless of a player’s age, size, or gender, anyone can play!

Watching any table tennis video will show you that this activity is clearly beneficial when it comes to improving reflexes! You’ll notice how rapidly the players bounce the tiny ball back and forth and how they never take their eyes off of the table. Their eyes dart back and forth ever so quickly as they constantly watch the ball. The players hit the ball so fast that there is hardly any time to recover after the ball hits the paddle.
Moreover, the risk that you’ll get hurt playing table tennis is slim to none. You’re not tackling anyone or being tackled. If you get hit with a ball, it’s okay because the ball hardly weights anything. Not to mention, it’s a blast!

Lastly, table tennis is just downright fun! Starting out, it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of athleticism and you can play anytime of the year. Try table tennis and see if it’s right for you!