The Benefits Of Aerobic Dance Programs

.tags If you are looking for an exciting and fun way of getting fit and maintaining a perfect figure, dance aerobics might just be what you need. Dance aerobics is an exercise that combines dancing with the rhythmic steps of aerobics. This method is actually divided into four types: the high impact routine, low impact routine, water aerobics and step aerobics.

High impact routine is an intense action synchronized with an upbeat music being played. It involves jumping and dancing all done at the same time. A low impact routine involves less jumping but focuses instead on footwork. Meanwhile, step aerobics is performed on a platform following 4 to 8 counts of rhythmic routines. And last but not least is water aerobics. A water aerobics routine is done in waste-deep water and with steps very similar to a step routine.

This kind of exercise routine is a very effective and fun way of getting rid of your excess weight. Each routine is performed for about 30 minutes and the benefits are tremendous. The following are just some of those benefits.

1. It strengthens the body and improves muscle coordination. Your base of support is also made stronger and as such your posture is improved.

2. It helps you lose weight and develop more muscles. Exercise speeds up body metabolism causing fat-burning to take place rapidly. Moreover, it tones the muscles and makes one look younger.

3. Circulation of blood in the body is improved while significantly lowering the body’s cholesterol and sugar levels. This make it an exercise perfect for those who have diabetes and those with high cholesterol levels.

4. It gives you the chance to have personalized dance moves, making exercising doubly interesting to do. There are no rules to follow as you do the routines. You can opt to go slow or fast at certain times. That’s going to be all up to you.

5. Lung and cardiac efficiency are improved. Constant exercise primes the lung and heart muscles. Circulation, breathing and cardiac problems are also reduced. Fat depositions in your blood vessels are gradually removed since fat-burning takes place in the body faster than usual.

6. It is a great stress buster. It is a very effective remedy for depression. Dance aerobics and any exercise for that matter combats stress and depression. It makes your body secrete endorphins which makes one feel happy and revitalized.

7. It can be done by virtually anyone regardless of age or gender or fitness level. It can also be done anywhere and can involve a large or small group. You can also do this individually in the comfort of your own room.

Dance aerobics is very beneficial to anyone young and old. It affords one the opportunity to enjoy exercise and stay fit which is commonly shunned by most people who would always think of it as difficult challenges to conquer. With this method the thought of exercise as drudgery is now given new meaning. This time exercise is a fun time that can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.