The Beautiful Parador Chinchon


A small town of an immense beauty

Chinchon is a very small Spanish town, not as famous as the cosmopolitan cities, but one with which you can fall in love after you visit it. When you get into the center of the town and the Parador Chinchon appears in from of your eyes into its splendor, you can create an image of what Spain looked like and felt like decades ago. Initially a 17th century Augustinian Convent which was known under the name of Santa Maria Paraiso, the Parador still seems like it is part of a small paradise on earth. The Parador Chinchon awaits its guests in a calm and tranquility that seem unearthly; fountains situated in wonderful patios, lush gardens, hallways decorated with blue tiles, tapestries, bedrooms which are very large and luminous, they are all ready to amaze and relax the eyes of the tourist. A place where tourists love to spend some time with only their thoughts is the chamber where the arched ceiling is decorated with a divine fresco. The Parador Chinchon is one of the most elegant Paradors in Spain, so it hosted a lot of countesses and viceroys in its past.

The story of a wonderful monument

The Chinchon Parador had very rough times under different rules, exactly like the rest of Spain; The Carpathians were the ones who founded the Parador and after them came the Romans, the Visigoths, then the Moors and the Christians. They all left parts of them in the Parador, in its chambers, on its alleys, and in its smell, making it the beauty that it is today.

Sightseeing in Chinchon

Chinchon is a perfect place for tourists who love sightseeing. You can start with the picturesque plaza and its 234 wooden balconies, and then visit the Church of Ascencion, which displays an interesting architectural combination of Gothic and Baroque elements. The sightseeing list can continue with the 16th century Clarisas Convent, followed by the Ethnological Museum and the Theatre of Lope de Vega. After you finish visiting, take some time to enjoy the famous cuisine which will delight your senses. After spending sometime in Parador Chinchon, go on day trips to Cuenca, a city which was entirely designated a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, or to Toledo and Aranjuez. You will have a lot of interesting places to see and things to learn, so take advantage of it!