The beauties of Mallorca


Historical places in Spain

Spain has always been a great holiday attraction in Europe. Millions of people pass its frontiers annually to spend a lovely vacation with their loved ones; Mallorca is one of the most popular islands of this magnificent country and Alcudia is an antique town placed on this wonderful island of Spain. It is a very relaxing town, with coloured houses and cobbled streets. Although it is much visited, in the evening time it is very quiet and peaceful. It is one of the towns in Spain which were under the control of several nations during the centuries:  Romans, Jewish, Moors or Phoenicians, they all gave some characteristic features to Alcudia. Actually, the name of the city was invented by the Moors; “on a hill” was their translation for Alcudia.

Numerous places to visit in Alcudia

The ruins of the Roman Theatre still dominate the town of Alcudia. Next to those ruins the Sant Jaume church can be admired which dates back centuries. Remain in the same rich historical past and visit the Museo Monografic de Pollencia; it holds many relics and artefacts that tourists usually admire seeing. Are you an art lover? Then you should definitely go and see the old paintings and sculptures in a foundation in Alcudia. It is called Yannik y Ben Jakober and it houses many valuable things. Furthermore, the panoramas around these places are breathtaking.

The southern part of Alcudia

In the southern part of this old town you can find a more lively section; Puerto Alcudia resort is the most visited part of the town; a great collection of yachts is housed in the harbour, containing some unique models. The beaches offer you very clear water and fine sands; furthermore, the bars and pubs are very crowded. Tourists come here to have fun, sunbathe and taste the famous Spanish tapas. If you are in love with the water sports, you can also practice them here. There are special places for such sports, the prices are quite low and fun is guaranteed. The weather is warm during most parts of the year, so you only have to go there and enjoy! In the end, visit the national park of Mallorca and admire the rich flora and fauna that can be found here. Don’t forget to buy some bananas for the cute monkeys, if you want them to be friendly!