The beauties of Costa Blanca


Visit Spain, you won’t regret your choice

Costa Blanca is one of the most popular coasts in Spain. It attracts many tourists annually, as it offers great beaches and amazing panoramic vistas. Javea is a very nice town on Costa Blanca; it became a famous place especially for the special mountains that can be admired here, in an elephant shape. It seems that modern and high buildings did not reach this area, as in Javea you will only find old monuments and buildings.

Javea and its structure

The old Spanish town is divided into three main parts, which act as a whole: the beach part, called Playa de Arenal, the old town called Javea Pueblo and the harbour, named Javea Puerto. As is normal, the old town is the most visited part of Javea. You can admire some amazing buildings, cobbled streets and beautiful artefacts. The historical patrimony in Javea Pueblo is the church of San Bartolome, built in a Gothic style. The famous Spanish tapas can also be tasted here, as the old town is surrounded by bars and pubs which serve such snacks. If you are not convinced yet that Javea Puerto is worth visiting, then maybe the market found here will convince you: it contains many fruits, vegetables and other foods, all fresh and tasty.

Playa de Arenal and Javea Puerto

The other two parts of the town also have plenty of visitors. Javea Puerto has many exclusive restaurants and bars, where you can taste some local specialities prepared with different types of fish species. Go on a boat trip and enjoy the view of the amazing landscapes. The most popular beach in Javea is definitely Playa de Arenal. Having a lot of great facilities, it is also surrounded by specific bars and pubs. The night life here is very busy, and you’ll never get bored. There are many carnivals and Spanish fiestas that will keep awake your party mood. The resort is very crowded in the summer season, so it is better to book months ahead, in order to avoid unpleasant events.

The water sports

In Costa Blanca the turquoise waters and the white sands are worth mentioning. Once you are here, you cannot leave without enjoying at least one water sport. They are a good way of relaxing and are also good for your health. The sub aqua diving is the most popular one, so enjoy it!