The Attractions Of Hotels London Near Queensway

.tags The Edgware road in west London is a pre-Roman track which led through what was once dense woodland. Now of course it is a vibrant busy area of London, famous for shops and Hyde Park which in turn is not far from the Queens London residence; Buckingham Palace.

At the top end of Oxford Street and leading to Bond Street and Piccadilly, Hyde Park hotels London along with Queensway London hotels, are extremely popular with foreign visitors enjoying holidays in London. The history of this area of London is fascinating. Before the arrival of the Romans to the shores of Britain nearly two thousand years ago, this forested area was and remained for centuries after, the western gateway to the growing city of London. The Romans built a series of roads across Britain during their occupancy of the country and one of the most important was called Watling Street. Watling Street linked the invaders ports in Kent right through to the northern and Western parts of the country. Part of this street is the modern day Edgware road.

For visitors today, the advantages of staying in Hyde park hotels London and Queensway London hotels are obvious. Of these many advantages the obvious one is that the links to Heathrow airport are far superior to most other areas of the City. The proximity to first class shops, theatres, restaurants and even a stroll in nearby Hyde Park are pastimes to suit many tastes.

Hyde Park is just one of the Royal Parks and as such will never in the foreseeable future be built upon. With three hundred and fifty acres of park and including the river known as the Serpentine, (actually a manmade water feature and more of a lake than river), the park is as famous as it is attractive.

On the edge of the Park and just at the bottom of the Edgware road, Tyburn once stood. The very name Tyburn, or as it was more commonly called for countless centuries, The Tyburn Tree, was the last place many a villain ever looked upon. The tree was in fact, the place where convicted men and women, were brought by cart from the city to be hanged. Marble Arch stands today at that spot.

From your hotel in Hyde Park or Edgware road you can walk through the park to Buckingham Palace. On hot summer days you may want to stop at the Serpentine and hire a rowing boat for a leisurely row and a picnic. If possible, you can time your visit to the palace to coincide with the Changing of the Guard. Another day you may just want to stroll down Oxford Street and battle your way through possibly the worlds busiest shopping street. With famous stores and fashion shops there will be something for everyone and if you want to escape the crush then just ducking down a side street will nearly always bring you an unexpected and pleasant surprise; like a Victorian pub or a specialist museum like the great but much underappreciated Wallace House.