The art of drawing

{flickr|100|campaign} Always remember that there’s a difference between an artist, and someone who needs to draw precisely for a living (e.g. architects or engineers, etc). Drawings with precise drawings serve a practical purpose. They have to be precise, or the project flops. Thus, architects and engineers are bounded by this invisible rule and have to draw with precision.

Artists, on the other hand, have no such restrictions. There are some artists who impose these rules upon themselves and consciously choose to draw close to reality. Realism requires skills and the best artists are those who have the ability to capture reality on a piece of paper of a canvas.

But note that the artist has a choice. Artists have the freedom to insert their interpretations into their drawings, giving it meaning that they want others to see.

For example, a portraitist may want to give the model a plastic look on purpose, knowing that make-up is very important to the subject. Or he may choose to capture the wisdom of an old couple with a few detailed lines on the face. By cleverly manipulating the shades and colors, skilled artists can bring out the focus of the drawings.

I’m not trying to say that aspiring artists should run away from learning how to draw subjects that look close to reality. In fact, these types of drawings often require lots of practice and a certain level of skill is required to accomplish a painting that looks very real. Having these skills are important to any aspiring artists, and the best ones take time to hone their skills to perfection.

The main benefit of having such high level skills is that the artist now has the freedom to choose whether the painting should look close to reality, or not. The key here is choice. Choice is a conscious decision on the artist’s part to determine how the painting will eventually turn out.

The finest artists are rarely famous just for their ability to draw. There are millions of artists out there who can draw very well. The best known artists are often those who can think critically, and possess an infinite amount of wisdom. They also have the required skills to express their thoughts and wisdom on a white piece of canvas. That is art at its best.

I strongly urge all aspiring artists to take their foundation training seriously, so that when the time comes for them to express their own thoughts and wisdom, they will the skills (i.e. the freedom) to paint or draw a fine piece of art.

That is how any artist can perfect the art of drawing.