The Anti Fraud Network


A company needs goodwill to survive among competition. In a competitive market, companies strive to establish a brand so that they can attract customers and make them buy products even at a premium pricing level. Customers who get impressed with a particular brand tend to remain loyal to the company’s products. With advancements in technology and globalization, companies have extended their markets to an international level. Products are bought online from the company’s websites.

The extension of markets prove to be beneficial to the companies but there has also been a sharp increase in grey markets, knockoffs, cyber squatting, trademark abuse, copyright and patent infringements and phishing attacks.

Fraud happens with customers as well as with the companies. Grey markets sell bogus brands which resemble genuine brands. This can bring huge losses to the company and destroy its goodwill completely. Scammers on the internet can create deals and offers under the name of authentic brands. Unsuspecting customers can fall prey to these scams. This creates two negative aspects. One, the customer has a financial loss. Two, the company loses its customers.

Fraud and counterfeiting of a company’s products need to be controlled and kept under a constant check. However, things are easier said than done. It takes a robust anti-fraud network to combat fraud and counterfeiting activities.

The Anti-Fraud Network

Dedicated to providing an efficient service to its clients, the Anti Fraud Network aims at creating a healthy and ethical environment for companies. The network fights against scams and other fraud schemes that can destroy a company’s reputation in the long run. The objectives of Anti-fraud network are –

1.Specialization in claims that involve theft and patent infringements.

2.Recovery of losses through efficient trails and litigation.

3.Providing access to trusted professionals and also rendering professional and dedicated service.

4.Providing first-class service with dedication, speed and A-class efficiency.

5.Highly responsive in getting in touch with lawyers and attorneys who specialize in recovering losses for the companies.

6.Combating illegal aspects such as misuse of brand recognition, creation of bogus brands, fraud and counterfeiting activities.