The Alicante Jewel

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Those who want to visit Alicante should know that the city is the beautiful capital of the southernmost province in the famous region of Valencia. Alicante might seem shabby here and there, but it is definitely a place that you should visit due to the spectacular and unmistakable spirit which makes up the essence of the city. Prosperity has always been a friend of Alicante, as the fishing grounds of the city are very rich and the market gardens are very fertile. The city will also attract you with its spectacular landscapes which include long beaches covered in delicate sands that stretch on farther than the eye can see, along with the optimal climate: the longest summers in the entire country and very mild winters.

The attractions of Alicante

There is a segment of tourists who tend to avoid Alicante because it had two decades when it did not garner much attention from the government. However, the huge potential for tourism has been rediscovered and it is now a place where boredom does not exist. Tourists love the slopes of the pavement, the salty sea breeze that comes from the south and the promenade guarded by palm trees which create a scene of beauty which cannot be equaled. The biggest attraction of Alicante is the seafront, which seems to be a tourist magnet. The seafront attracts with its amazing flower beds which release beautiful scents all day long and with its pavement cafes which serve the delicious, traditional tapas. While you are in Alicante, you should explore the Old Quarter as you will discover something interesting to see at every corner. The Quarter, known by the locals as Barrio Santa Cruz, has a medieval air which takes you on a trip into the past of this spectacular city, so be sure to visit it. The center of the city is also its heart; you will definitely be charmed by it. The Santa Barbara Castle, the work of the Moors dating back to the 9th century, is a spectacular monument, while the museums are the perfect places to learn a bit about the history of the city. You should visit Alicante during one of its fiestas as they are the perfect opportunity to connect with the unique customs of Spaniards ferienhaus in lloret de mar. So bring your swimsuit, your appetite and your walking shoes and enjoy Alicante!