The 5 Most Profitable Niches on the Internet


It is true that there are products and services being sold in almost every category online.  It also make sense to choose a niche that you are passionate about, because you will stick with it longer during your learning curve.

As relatively new internet marketers we are warned by gurus to stay out of certain niches, because they are just too competitive. Well the reason they are competitive is because there is a ton of money to be made in those niches. Here are the 5 most profitable niches on the internet in no particular order.

1.Make Money Online/From Home- Most of the top money earners online are in this niche, and they are getting rich selling tons of products and courses  to new marketers who do not have a clue.

I know for me personally, that this is a profitable niche, because I spent a small fortune by myself trying to learn this information. That is not including the hundreds of thousands of new home business owners who are eager to learn how to make money online.

2. Real Estate Investing- I am referring to people selling information on real estate investing. I know this is a profitable niche as well, by the money I spent trying to learn how to buy my first investment property.

3. Network Marketing- Again, I am not referring to the industry, but to the people selling to the industry. Think of the number of people who are getting rich selling products and services to network marketers who are not actually in the industry.

Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and Anthony Robbins are just a few.

4. Weight Loss- The key to making big money in your home business is repeat sales. Well the fact of the matter is that people who are trying to lose weight do not just buy one diet plan. They try multiple diets and work out plans over time.

5.Dating- This is a biggie, because people will always have relationship issues, and will be looking for information to help them solve their problems.

These are called evergreen niches. This means that there will always be a market. The key is to gain credibility fast by being able to provide value to your market.