Thailand Cheap Travel is What You Will Find in Hua Hin


Traveling through Thailand, the land of smiles, would not be complete unless you spend a few days in Hua Hin.
This amazing town is just a three hour drive from Bangkok by mini van. Other ways of getting there are by coach or train both taking considerably longer.

The king of Thailand has a residence in here which keeps the town a little quieter than some of the other busy areas of Thailand.

Hua Hin is a favorite destination for Thailander’s, many visiting on weekends to escape the madness of Bangkok.
If you like to travel Thailand cheap then this beautiful town should be on your list of places to go.
There is a huge selection of all types of accommodation, ranging from the humble fan room to the majestic five star towers.

For the budget conscience traveler there is plenty of cheap rooms available.

Dining is an absolute pleasure, you will be sure to gain a couple of extra holiday kilos during your stay.
Once again good food can be found at the smallest of street sellers, then on to the romantic jetty restaurants set over the ocean or even in some of the luxury restaurants dotted around town.

Prices do vary, however a delicious meal in most places is very reasonable considering the quality.

There are quite a few beaches along the Hua Hin coastline all offering something different.

Some have easy chairs umbrellas and tables, some offer massage on the beach, you can even go for a horse ride or try your skill on a jet ski, or you could walk amongst the old fishing boats left from a time gone by.
Hua Hin has a small but entertaining nightlife area with plenty of good bars and clubs.

Most have large tv screens where you can watch some sport and enjoy a cold beer.

There is also a main line railway station within walking distance of the town and a top quality golf course.
If you are in need of more shopping there is a huge amount of shops and a very good night market.

Plenty of see and do in Hua Hin, a great easy way to get around is to hire a little motorbike from one of the many hire outlets.

If you are traveling Thailand cheap, Hua Hin is well worth a few days stay.