Tenerife Holidays Are A Great Vacation Getaway


Tenerife holidays are full of luxury and amazement. The island is one of the largest of all the Canary Islands. It is located near the northwest coast of Africa and it has less than 1 million inhabitants. This is the destination for up to 5 million tourists each year and one of the world’s largest carnivals is held here. Reaching the island is convenient due to the fact that Tenerife has two airports.


The city has many gardens which, coupled with the weather, make it pleasant for tourists to take a walk in the afternoon. The Plaza del Charco and its surrounding streets are a great gathering for people who want to buy local souvenirs or who want to taste the food of this amazing place. There are several open air restaurants surrounding the plaza. People who love sightseeing can visit the church of Nuestra Senora de la Pena, and other historical buildings.

Getting Around

Getting around Tanerife is easy, however it is recommended that tourists rent a car. There are buses that run around the island frequently. Travelers can take advantage of the BONO travel card, which helps people save anything from 50 to 70 percent on transportation fees. There are also tram lines that run from Santa Cruz and La Laguna. The BONO card is also accepted when using the tram line. This will help you make the most out of your Tenerife holidays.

Things To Do


Tenerife is surrounded by the sea and beaches. Jardin Beach and Teresitas Beach are some examples of the finest beaches found here. The beaches have been restructured using sand that has been extracted from nearby sea beds.

Diving is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists when visiting these beaches. The Dive Center of Corralejo trains and takes tourists to different underwater sites. Some of these sites include the underwater rock formations that are inhabited by plankton that nurture the marine life underwater. Lessons are offered for beginners and tourists can receive their diver certification in no time.

Wrestling is one of the local pastimes. The local wrestling is called Lucha Canaria. The fight consists of two men fighting in a ring. The one who manages to make the other man touch the floor with any part of his body wins.  The fight consists of 2 teams of 12. The team who eliminates the other team wins.

Tenerife holidays are full of adventure. The island is easily accessible and there are many modern accommodations for travelers. The transportation system is safe and reliable. Visiting the beaches is great especially when other places are so cold.