Television series create fashionable styles


I’m sure that most of you will be surprised to know that acting crew and script are not considered as much as fashion factor in television series. “Sex and the City”, “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, “Ugly Betty” and so on have great influence on the choice of women all over the world.


About love and family life, “Sex and the City” knows how to attract viewers from the posters and advertising trailer. It is remarked to be not only a special catwalk but also has very true and worth designs for ladies. Speaking about fashionable clothes of each character in “Sex and the City” could take all the day.


How can a one-column-a-week writer afford all Dior styles?


“Ugly Betty” tells the story about Betty who has weird taste of beauty but is stylish in fashion. She gradually becomes an unexpected style icon throughout seasons of the film. Besides, other characters put on famous brand-name outfits including Chanel, D&G and Gucci.


“Ugly Betty” starred America Ferrera in the role Betty Suarez from Queens


“The O.C.” is about high-class teenagers in southern California. The all-night parties are considered to be ideal catwalks for Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson. There they have chances to wear party dresses designed by leading stylists.


“The O.C” portrays the fictional lives of a group of teenagers and their families


“Gossip Girls” revolves around the lives of privileged young adults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City. Bags, fabulous accessories and clothes in the film are designed by young stylist Eric Daman. Each character has his/ her own distinct style.


Costume designer Eric Daman of “Gossip Girls” used to work under “Sex and the City” super-stylist Patricia Field


Glee” focuses on a high school show choir called “New Directions”, at the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. Odd costumes in the film have a great influence on retro fashion of the world. Crew neck sweaters, long socks and kilts has contributed to its attraction to fans worldwide.


“Glee” is a musical comedy-drama television series that airs on Fox


Although viewers do not understand its title “90210”, they are all attracted to various styles of fashion wore by beautiful actresses. Hervé Leger dresses, floral prints, or pretty prom dresses are usually seen during the film.


“90210” marked an important milestone to young stars including Annalynn McCord, Shenae Grimmes, and Jessica Lowder


In “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, Belle wears charming evening gowns as well as casual clothes which becomes an elegant fashion trend in 2007. Many girls and women wish to own Belle’s outfits from dresses to winter coats. In addition, it is hard to ignore her large collection of seductive lingerie.


“Secret Diary of a Call Girl” follows the story of Belle (Billie Piper), a high-class call girl.


“Mad men” depicts the changing moods, social mores, and political incorrectness of 1960s America. Taking the inspiration from retro trend, the movie brings viewers to the world of Prada and Louis Vuitton. Swinging skirts, thick headbands and eyeliner flicks are significant costumes in the collection of autumn outfits in “Mad men”.


“Mad men” was created and produced by Matthew Weiner


In “The City”, Whitney Port moves to New York on the way to pursue the fashion industry there after succeeding a reality show. At Diane Von Furstenberg and then a fashion PR company People’s Revolution, she makes friends with seductive colleagues. Her fashion trend along with chosen accessories is a valuable model to everyone.


“The City” is seen to be a worthy movie for fashion enthusiasts


Saved by the bell” has a common script and content, but it is the fashion that has attracted considerable attention of viewers. High-waisted denim, jumpsuits, checked shirts or rainbow-color hi-tops are considered to be unique fashion trend among teenagers in the early 1990s. These clothes are still popular and fashionable until now.


“Saved by the bell” involves in a group of teenagers at Bayside High School



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