Tankard Presents


For many people, Tankard is seemed quite unfamiliar. It is described as a very fancy beer mug. Today engraved tankards are often used as a special gift item for traditional and non-traditional events in our friends and families lives.


The more informative description of a tankard is that it is a form of drink ware. A tankard is generally a large cylindrical drinking cup or glass that has a single handle, sometimes with a glass bottom and or a hinged lid. In history tankards were most commonly made of silver, pewter or glass and less commonly, carved ivory, horn, porcelain, clay and even leather.


During the 17th and 18th century the designs of some tankards were created with handles that would act as a whistle so that those partaking of their preferred beverage would be able to get the attention of the various wait staff to ensure they were never without a drink for long.


There are various ceremonial tankards that have been designed over the centuries as presentation gifts or for ceremonial use and you will likely find some form of tankard on display, of various materials, in museums throughout the world.


Of course the modern tankard, which we can find today for those special occasions as gifts, are most often made of stainless steel or pewter, or a combination of both. The designs of the modern tankards today have been adapted to more modern purposes. However, more traditional styles are also available for those extra special gift options.


Tankards are available in a wide variety of sizes making them suitable for almost all occasions. There are tankard gifts designed for special birthday celebrations such as a 21st. These special present tankards being made with numbered keys for their handles.


There are also tankard gifts designed specifically as cherished presents for the younger generation with specially designed small tankards for ceremonies such as christenings.


On many occasions such as weddings, christenings or retirement parties you will find that tankards are a gift of choice due to the traditional aspect and very unique style they provide to these special events. Often on these special occasions those giving the tankards will have engraved tankards made to order.


Tankards engraved with special wording or dates, to commemorate special occasions leave a long term reminder of the event to those receiving the gift. In this aspect they make an excellent choice as gifts for the male components of any wedding party which traditionally are also difficult to find gifts for.


While these special and momentous occasions are often celebrated with tankards as a gift from loved ones they are also suitable for non-traditional purposes. With the new designs and innovative and creative thinking available all around us today we can now find tankard presents specifically designed for those other special people in our lives. Such as:


– Tankards gifts designed with themes for fishing, with the handle shaped like a fish,

– Tankard presents for golfers, with the handle shaped into a golf club.


Regardless of the event being celebrated, you will find that to really personalize the gift to the receiver the tankards can be engraved in a variety of ways. Not only text engraving but photographs as well as or additional to wording or dates. As an added bonus, you will find that often the engraving process is included in the purchase price of the tankard, whether you are purchasing from a retail outlet or from an international online supplier.


Engraved tankards, chosen for specific occasions, for specific people make excellent and very sophisticated life long gifts. When you are searching for something that will leave a lasting and individual impression look no further than the engraved tankard present as the perfect solution.