Take The Stress Out Of Business Travel


If you’re one of the world’s jet setters, you’re sure to be familiar with all the little annoyances and hold ups that can make travelling to business meetings more of a chore than it should be. While the world may be getting smaller every day, getting from one global office to another can still take up a significant portion of your working week – especially when you have to spend so much time sitting around in airports. However, there are plenty of little tips and tricks that can make your business travel run more smoothly and help you stay a happy worker.

When you’re travelling frequently for business, it makes sense to buy a neat passport and document wallet. In this, you should keep all of your boarding cards and important bits and pieces without letting them get muddled up – a crucial point if you’re getting three or four flights in the space of one day. You can fly throughout the UK using only your driver’s license, but it makes sense to take your passport wallet with you when you travel anyway – just in case an unexpected overseas meeting arises. However, keep your driver’s license in a different wallet to the one with your passport, so you’re less likely to have both stolen.

A really good piece of hand luggage is another essential when you’re likely to be jetting from one place to another on tight schedules. Choose something big enough that will allow you to take everything with you but one small enough to be carried on the plane with you. Do a little research before splashing out, by checking the websites of all of the airlines you usually fly with and taking a note of the hang luggage size restrictions they state. Choose a wheeled suitcase with a hard body if you’re hoping to keep your suits and smart clothes uncrushed during the flights.

It’s also essential that you familiarise yourself with all the various airport requirements of places you are travelling to – as you don’t want to be caught out by things like the 100ml liquid rule in UK airports at the last minute. You should be able to find all necessary information online, as well as the ability to check in online- helping you beat the crowds.

Another essential for anyone who travels a lot for work is a little financial security, something like business travel insurance can prove very useful if you find yourself stranded somewhere or if your business faces losses due to uncontrollable circumstances. Beat the business travel blues by making sure you are well prepared from the outset.