Take a Reverse Thrill of a Spill in Sunny Singapore


Shopper’s Mecca, entertainment hub and a city by the sea are just some of the adages Singapore is synonymous with in the world of travel. But the Lion City is fast gaining a reputation among thrill seekers young and old as one of the best places in Asia to experience break neck speeds and adrenaline inducing activities.  This new found fame is of course due to its most unique attraction theG-Max Reverse Bungee experience which offers guests the opportunity to catapult themselves in the manner astronauts do in a rocket launch at nearly 200kmph.

Located in breathtaking Clarke Quay, the G-Max Reverse Bungee encompasses a three-seat capsule that propels participants skywards where they will experience six G forces at a speed of 200km per hour. The open- air capsule itself is suspended by hefty cables that are a collective of 4000 rubber strands that descend from two strategically positioned 35 meter tall towers. Renowned as the best way to evade the earth’s gravitational pull while still on the planet, the G-Max Reverse Bungee encounter lasts nearly five minutes with the capsule being airborne for a total of one and a half minutes. The capsule carrying the passengers also travels up and down between the suspension towers at least seven times maintaining its 200kmph speed before touching down at the end of the ride.

Maintained by a highly skilled staff of engineers and maintenance personnel, the gravity defying experience is completely comfortable and safe due to the additional security measures put in place for the benefit of participants. These include the five way seat belt and Camlock buckle used to strap in passengers to the capsule while the suspension chords are also replaced after 400 launches.

This one of a kind attraction also involves the use of G Max technology which enables the capsule to travel at jaw breaking speeds. Developed by visionary bungee expert Troy Griffin in the mid 1990’s Singapore’s G-Max Reverse Bungee was the first to offer a bungee experience at such an inconceivable level of elevation.  A minimum age of 12 and a height of at least 1.2 meters are required to enjoy the rocket-speed bungee experience while adults are also required to accompany minors who ride this mind blowing attraction at Clarke Quay after passing initial inspections.

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