Switzerland : Tourist Paradise


Switzerland’s cities and villages exude a wonderful “old world” charm and are great places to eat, shop, and relax.Switzerland travel offers you a wide opportunity to witness the eye-popping dream destination of the world. The stunning alpine view of the country is simply majestic and unique beauty in its own. Travel to Switzerland to covert your dream into reality.


Geneva, international meeting place, the smallest of the world’s metropolises, peace capital of the world, situated between the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) and Mount Salève, is a world for everyone, quiet apart from the rest of Switzerland. Known for being headquarters for many international organizations, Geneva also features the world’s tallest fountain, the Jet d’Eau, Cathedrals, numerous museums and libraries, the University, the Opera and the Orchestra of the Suisse Romande. They all have contributed to the city’s development.



Switzerland conjures up a fair swag of clichés: irresistible chocolates, yodelling Heidis, humourless bankers, international bureaucracies and an orderly, anally-retentive and rather bland national persona. But Harry Lime was wrong on more than one account when, in The Third Man, he said 500 years of Swiss democracy and peace had produced nothing more than the cuckoo clock. For a start, the Germans invented this monstrous timepiece; secondly, the Swiss, who are a brainy lot, have won more Nobel Prizes and registered more patents per capita than any other nation on earth.



The main entry points for international flights are Zürich and Geneva. Basel, Bern and Lugarno airports also receive international flights. There is no departure tax when flying out of Switzerland. Trains are a popular and convenient way to travel to Switzerland, and European rail passes make train travel affordable. Buses tend to be slower and less comfortable, though sometimes cheaper. Getting to Switzerland by road is simple, since there are fast, well-maintained motorways through all surrounding countries. If you have time and money, it’s possible to get to Switzerland by boat along the Rhine all the way from Amsterdam. Switzerland can also be reached by lake steamer ferries from Germany via Lake Constance, from Italy via Lake Maggiore and from France via Lake Geneva.



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