Susan T. Spencer Inspiring Women In Business With Her Book Briefcase Essentials

In her book Briefcase Essentials, Susan T. Spencer unearthed her personal roadmap to success in male-dominated business by using her femaleness. She emphasized on the uniqueness of women leadership as compared to men, and how women can take advantage of this difference in the world of business.

Women in business was probably unheard of a few decades ago, and most often than not, men were expected to run the business. But with the evolving of time, more and more women have found their niche alongside male-dominated industries, and so far have played their cards pretty well albeit with constant struggles. Sometimes, women tend to act like men in the workplace to get the desired cooperation from male colleagues. However, in the book Briefcase Essentials, Susan T. Spencer teaches women how to deal with men in business by using their own natural talents instead of trying to act like them. Her book outlines her personal experiences and journey to becoming the business icon that she has become today. She had once managed the Philadelphia Eagles football team, became a lawyer, managed the NFL team and later became an entrepreneur where she ran a successful global business in the food distribution industry and two other related ventures in food-processing. Her companies had combined revenue that ranged from $ 20 Million to $ 50 Million annually.

Susan Spencers exceptional experience has given her an in-depth viewpoint on women in business. Her solid background has given her the credibility and expertise to teach women on how to successfully face business issues and situations by simply relying on their own innate talents. In her book Briefcase Essentials, Susan uncovers the 12 natural talents for achieving success in a male dominated workplace, which include asking for help, being persistent, adaptable, knowing how to improvise, to engage, being inclusive, being knowledgeable, being able to stand your ground, being resourceful, being emphatic, being a perceptive communicator and building professional relationships.
She points out that having these 12 innate talents are important to achieve success. Her stories and examples are authentic and compelling, witty and intelligent. Any woman who is into business, or who is planning to venture into business would benefit from the knowledge and wisdom from her book. Susans advices for women in business are groundbreaking, straightforward and practical. Her insights from her own exciting and challenging journey to becoming a successful business woman in the male-dominated industry are inspiring and motivational.

Both women and men alike will be able to get something valuable to learn from Susan T. Spencers book Briefcase Essentials. By using the 12 essential innate talents, success in any kind of business will become inevitable, even in the most male-dominated industry. The power of your positive actions from using the essential talents will earn you respect in the workplace. By reading and learning from the book of Susan T. Spencer, you will discover a real goldmine that you can apply in your daily work life and become one of the successful women in business of the 21st Century.