Susan Boyle’s Legendary Experience


It is reported that British TV star Susan Boyle said she will sing for Prince Charles on Tuesday. And she will perform for the Pope after the visit to Scotland.


Susan Boyle, a Scottishsinger who comes is famous for her beautiful voice. She appeared as a contestant on a TV program and sang the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables which made her know all over the world. Then she released her first album in November 2009 and gain the number one best-selling around the world. Although Susan has a plain appearance on stage, her beautiful and powerful voice may be aroused


After the performance, International media and internet made a rapid response for her new trends. Her performance and voice are so beautiful that many of them had been watched over 100 million times. Meanwhile, her audition video has been viewed on the internet several hundred million times.


Susan’s first album I Dreamed a Dream was released in November 2009 which was one of the best-selling albums in the world. Susan became the hottest topic in the global at that time. The British media said that many people were moved because Susan overturned the judge for mass entertainment culture. The famous journalist Schwartz from Entertainment Weekly wrote: today’s popular cultures are filled with appearance, and Susan Boyle’s no pretensions of art’s strength refined the beautiful standard.


How does Susan herself treat this problem? Susan said: “I would expect people to see my appearance and maybe they will despise me. However, I have decided to let them sit up and take notice. I did not have the right opportunity in the past. You must constantly strive to and you will eventually succeed. Never give up on your dream”.


Susan was born in April 1 1961 in Scotland, Blackburn, West Lothian. Her father Patrick is a veteran who participated the Second World War. Her mother is a stenographer. They have six children in all and Susan is the youngest of their children.


Susan loves music very much when she was still a little girl. In 1995, the 33-year-old Susan attended the British hot draft program My Kind Of People. She recalled: I was too nerves to sing. I passed the primaries, but I did not have the opportunity to get on TV. Although the recoding was never broadcasted, it has been reserved completely.


The Spirit of Susan is worthy of learning. No matter what the situation is, you can dream your dream as long as you have the courage and determination. Just like Susan attended the talent show.