Susan Boyle, Debby Boone and Jackie Evancho Guest at Oprah Winfrey Show


On Tuesday evening, three fabulous music artists made an appearance on Oprah Winfrey Show. The Grammy-winning Debby Boone, Jackie Evancho from the recent America’s Got Talent and Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent all of them discussed their stories in addition to exhibited their amazing talent in a new show titled, “What Happened to the Next Big Thing?”

In the show, each guest was interviewed separately. Every single talked about their experiences as a music artist and things that they acquired and experienced following these people reached the fame they’ve been dreaming of. Moreover, they were given the chance to perform a song that displayed their musical expertise.

Debby Boone carried out one of her well-known hits “You Light up My Life”. According towards the Grammy Award winning musician, she anxiously waited 25 years to be on The Oprah Winfrey Show and finally, the wait is over. Debby Boone excitedly went to Chicago from Los Angeles to shoot the stated episode. Following the taping, Debby mentioned that it was worth the wait and she was so ecstatic being part of the show.

Then, there was Susan Boyle, a Scottish singer that impressed all three judges of Britain’s Got Talent in addition to attained a standing ovation following her hair-raising overall performance. As for her appearance for the Oprah Winfrey Show, Boyle walked towards the stage and performed “Don’t Dream It’s Over” together with a choir of 60 singers. Throughout her complete interview, she consistently entertained her fans and viewers having a series of funny faces. Moreover, they also spoke how she was tormented as a child by bullies at school in addition to how she loves her life right after her delighted performance at Britain’s Got Talent.

Lastly, Jackie Evancho, the sensational 10-year-old girl with fantastic voice that can move her audience as she sings. The young singer appeared on Oprah with delight and very fascinated about the experience. They even shared Jackie’s encounter as she was invited to Oprah’s home and carried out exclusively.

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