Surprises of the 2011 Super Bowl


Every year two football teams battle to be the last standing, playing one another in sport’s most exciting event. The Super Bowl takes place on a Sunday evening in the dead of the winter months and sparks parties, celebrations and a rash of one-day football fans all over the United States. The 2011 Super Bowl was no exception and fans from Pittsburgh all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin enjoyed the game. Many of them traveled to Dallas to see the contest in person and they were met with a variety of surprises. Dallas, located in the northeastern part of the state is typically though to be a warm location. Temperatures in February are typically in the mid-60. Fans making the trip for this particular occasion though, were greeted with bitter cold temps and snow storms. In addition to the unexpected cold, fans saw snow sliding and crashing from the top of Dallas’ new stadium. While there were no Texas scaffolding or Texas coatings problems and the stadium was sturdy and well-crafted, the weather threatened the lives of thousands and the snow and ice chunks plummeted from the roof.

The weather, while not the type of snowstorm fans were used to in their hometowns of Green Bay and Pittsburgh; was enough to bring the city of Dallas to its knees. Most of the snow fall totaled less than half an inch, but without the equipment and experience of other cities, removal and clean up was nearly impossible. Fans and media found themselves stuck in hotel rooms across the city, stranded by snowfall that would normally have no effect on their workday back home.

Many people were surprised by how many fans came from across the United States. Most Super Bowls have hometown fans traveling to see their teams play or at least be in town should their team win. However, both Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans travel well. Most of their in-season games away from home feature a number of supportive fans, planning their vacations around their team’s schedule. The Super Bowl is no exception, aside from the fact that the tickets to those games are significantly more expensive than a regular season game.

These fans were greeted by the welcoming spirit of the state. Everyone knows that certain regions of the country have a reputation for being friendlier than others and the Longhorn state is no exception. Fans from across the country were welcomed and celebrated by the host town of the Super Bowl. Fans enjoyed seeing the sights of the Dallas and Fort Worth area, they dined on barbecue and traditional Longhorn fare and they soaked in the ambiance of the football atmosphere.

Finally, one of the biggest surprises was the game itself. Pittsburgh has made the playoffs on a consistent basis and has had several big game appearances over the last decade. It has been more than a decade since Green Bay has reached football’s pinnacle and few were expecting it to happen this early in the career of their young quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Aside from the many local surprises, the game’s match up came as a surprise to many fans.