Surfwear and Surf Clothing


The Queensland Gold Coast is all about the beach, theme parks, holidays and fun and whether you choose to buy your surfwear and surf clothing before you travel or once you arrive one thing is certain – you will soon be dressed and a part of the surf scene.

Whether you are looking for something as simple as pair of men’s or women’s board shorts, a new surfboard, surfwear, surf clothing, hats, jackets, wetsuits or shoes, you are sure to find it either in one of the many excellent Gold Coast shops or over the internet. In fact there are some excellent online surf shops that stock all your favourite brands including Rusty, Billabong, O’Neill and Roxy just to name a few.

Surfing in Australia is an important part of the local culture and many people deliberately move to areas such as the Queensland Gold Coast so they can don the wetsuit and paddle their surf boards out through the break before looking for the perfect wave to carry them back to the shore.

Strangely enough it wasn’t until the 1950’s that surfing became seriously popular throughout the world. The popular music group the Beach Boys began to sing about their experiences, movies were made, books written and before long a definite beach and surf culture emerged along with a with variety of surfwear, surf products and surf clothing.

Today surf and surfing products are sold across the world, they are obvious in the coastal areas but also have a strong following in regional towns that are many hours from the nearest beach.

Certainly is would appear that there is no stopping the massive interest in surfing culture. From the early days of the Beach Boys it only took a few short years to propel surfwear from an almost unknown industry into the mainstream High Street shops. This transferred to the coastal locations were beaches were filled with surfers and where they couldn’t surf, they would work in surfing fashions and dreamed of riding the waves.

Today, it doesn’t matter where you travel you can find surfwear offered for sale and being sold all over the world. It goes well beyond the simple T-Shirts and swimmers to now include everything from bikinis to belts, sunglasses, socks, watches and underwear.

There are a large number of manufacturers that offer and ever increasing range of surfwear and surfing products. Some of the larger and more internationally famous brands include:

Billabong clothing which dates back to 1973 is one of the world most recognised brands. At the turn of the century Billabong expanded into the global markets and has since become a major player in the manufacture and distribution of surf related products from the Australia to the furthest corner on the planet.

Rip Curl was born on the south coast of Victoria, Australia in Torquay and operated out of a small garage manufacturing surfboards to meet the local demand. In 1970 they expanded into making wetsuits and the rest is history. Today Rip Curl makes and sells a wide range of surfing products and non surf branded products.

Roxy was launched in 1991 and is now considered the leading brand of active girls. Roxy is a brand that continues to grow and offers a broad range of products with everything from swimwear to pencil cases and body lotions.