Surfing in Baja California Mexico!


Tired of the crowed surfing spots in San Diego? A short drive to Baja, Mexico may be the answer to your surfing woes. Just make sure that if you do intend to drive to Mexico that you get insured first to ensure that you have a worry free trip.

Before deciding on Baja area is most ideal for surfing, Mexican auto insurance should be purchased. In order to drive around, the laws in Mexico require foreign vehicles to have Mexican Car Insurance or the resources to pay damages instantly. Whether you want to cruise along or just ride on the surf circuit, you need Mexico Car Insurance protection. Look online for quality providers such as Mexican Insurance Its not that expensive and good quality Mexican insurance can keep you out of jail.

Baja is the most northwestern state of Mexico. Just south of the border of the US state of California, it is still located on the California peninsula. On the east, it is bordered by the Gulf of California and on the west and the Pacific Ocean on the West as well as on the South. The weather in Baja is pleasant most times of the year, so chilling out with a beer in the shore is perfect to end your day with the waves.

When surfing in Baja during the months of October to April, the water can range from fifty to sixty degrees so using a body suit is probably a good idea. Summer temperatures can range from sixty to seventy degrees. There are many surfing spots in Baja, any of which can satisfy surfers of all skill levels. Here are some of them.

Surfing in Baja California Mexico!

Baja Malibu

This beach is not for beginners but will satisfy those who are looking for great rides through the tube. Just fifteen miles south of the border, the waves are best during medium to low tides and are present during the summer and winter.

San Miguel

San Miguel offers one of the best places for waves in Baja. About sixty-one miles from the border, the turn off to San Miguel is immediately before Ensenada. For a few dollars you can pitch a tent on the beach. There are facilities too for an RV which you can hook up for a fee. Showers, bars and restaurants are also available nearby.

Isla NatividadIsla

Natividad is not that easy to get to but offers one of the best surf spots in the world. It is only accessible by boat or plane. Because of its location, it is not crowded. There is also nothing else to do on Isla Natividad, so if the waves are not present don’t bother going. Waves are usually best during the summer and fall.