Sun, Fun and Frolics on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise


Following last week’s excursion into the western Caribbean, we must now examine the delights to be found to the east. This area is popular among cruise fans and is well-served by cruise lines such as Princess Cruises, Cunard, Carnival and Costa.

Many of the Caribbean’s most famous holiday destinations are located in the east of the region, including St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, Anguilla, St Lucia, Barbados and Martinique. Together with the US and British Virgin Islands, these small islands attract a sizable proportion of the Caribbean’s tourist population and offer their own unique experiences for visitors.

For example, St. Lucia is a feast for the eyes when it comes to its white sand beaches, rain forests and volcanic mountain scenery – the perfect setting for rest, relaxation and active pursuits such as golf, diving and hiking.

Shopaholics are likely to want to spend much of their time in Castries, St. Lucia’s capital city, where a variety of goods are on offer in a lively setting.

Elsewhere, Antigua is another well-known eastern Caribbean destination that is perhaps most famous for the fact that it has an astounding 365 beaches – offering plenty of choice for all sunbathers.

There’s more to the island than its potential for getting a tan, however, as it is also home to attractions such as the Antigua and Barbuda Museum and the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, as well as events like the yearly Sailing Week in April.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers heading to Barbados are likely to become enamoured with the island’s friendly locals, beaches, party vibe and stunning scenery.

There are many sights to be taken in on a trip to Barbados, including the hustle and bustle of Bridgetown, the island’s various parks and gardens, the famous Harrison’s Cave with its unusual rock formations and historic attractions offering a glimpse into life on Barbados under British rule in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Other notable eastern Caribbean cruise destinations include the duo of Trinidad and Tobago, with the former being known for its lively annual carnival and the latter being preferred by those wanting a more leisurely sunshine break.

Holidaymakers could also take in the wonderfully exotic sights and sounds of Grenada, Dominica’s rich natural tapestry of mountains, lush greenery, wildlife and waterfalls, or the French culture of St Barts while in the eastern Caribbean.