Successful IVF Over 45


Successful IVF over 45 is a real possibility, and there is much you can do to increase your chances. There is no doubt that as we approach the end of what can be considered our “fertile lives” we become very conscious of the progression of time. As far as starting our family or adding to our existing brood is concerned, it really does take on a new sense of urgency as we appreciate all too well how limited our remaining window of time is.

One real issue as far as “blocks” to conception are concerned is stress. In some respects this is difficult to treat as it is not tangible. However, there is much evidence to indicate that having a high stress level can adversely affect hormonal levels which, in turn, can disrupt egg production. Now this can be a problem at any age, but when we reach our mid-forties, the issue is far more important as the number and quality of our remaining eggs is severely affected. Managing stress is vital to ensure successful IVF over 45 and you need to think carefully about how you can best relax. For some, it can be a stroll outdoors or reading a good book. You might even like to try alternative therapies such as massage or yoga.

What we eat is important to maintain a healthy body and when we are trying to conceive, this takes on a new importance. You should ensure that all food you eat is healthy and nutritious and, if possible, organic, to minimise the ingestion of toxins in the form of pesticides and antibiotics. You should avoid all foods with artificial additives, preservatives, refined carbohydrates, trans fats and soy. A pre-natal supplement and one of Omega 3 oil is also worth taking and can help increase your chances of successful IVF over 45.

Although it is accepted that a woman’s eggs deteriorate dramatically the closer to the menopause they are, it was, until recently, believed that nothing could be done to reverse this. However, a well respected USA professor working in obstetrics and gynecology has undertaken a recent study which indicates that eating certain foods can help improve the chances of successful IVF over 45 by almost turning the clock back as far as egg quality is concerned.

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