Student Accommodation in Canterbury – About Westerham Close in Canterbury


Westerham Close is a popular place for student accommodation in Canterbury, if you’re looking to study at the University of Kent in Canterbury, you may be considering renting in Westerham Close so here are some facts about it:

Distance from the Close to the University campus.

As a student you may have a car or you may prefer to walk or perhaps cycle from your accommodation to the university campus. Whatever method you use, the distance from accommodation to campus is a mile and a half. If you’re driving, it should take you about 5 or 6 minutes, (depending on traffic), walking 25-30 minutes and if cycling allow 10-15 minutes.

Distance from the Close to the Canterbury High Street.

If you’re into walking, prepare for a good half an hour or more walk, as the high street is about 2 miles from the close, (depending on where in the high street you are heading.) Unfortunately there are few real short cuts to take when you are walking. In a car 6 to 10 minutes should be a sufficient time estimation.

Parking for cars in the Close

If you own a car, parking shouldn’t be a problem as most houses have driveways and of course, being a Close, the road is a no-through road or cul-de-sac, so no busy traffic to worry about, leaving you to park your car at the end of the road if necessary.

Broadband Speed for Internet Access

As a student you will need to have access to the internet for study purposes, the broadband speeds in Canterbury are very good, it is a city after all. In Westerham Close you should get a minimum of 2 meg (2 megabits per second), but should be faster, depending on the service you use.

Overall Westerham Close is an ideal location for someone renting student accommodation in Canterbury. You may have a bit of a walk to the campus and high street, but if you’re prepared to cycle or you own a car, it’s really not a problem, and for studying purposes the area is quiet with little traffic noise to disrupt your concentration.