Stopping Negative Thoughts – 4 Steps to Success


Negative thinking affects many of us at one time or another. The human mind is full of all kinds of potential, yet we wrap ourselves all too often in a thought life that is defeating and prevents us from reaching our goals and attaining our dreams. Whether it is repeated negative thought loops, anger toward others, or inadvertent messages that we aren’t worthwhile, our minds are containers we can choose to fill with either positive or negative thoughts. Here are 4 steps to stopping negative thinking:

1.  Take care of yourself well physically. Eat healthy foods and cut down or eliminate highly processed and sugary foods. Take supplements as needed – your natural health practitioner can give you the ideal “cocktail” for your health needs. Most people can benefit from a food based multivitamin and fish oil for a start. Exercise regularly and incorporate cardiovascular exercise to allow for endorphin release and elevated mood.

2. Release your anger toward self and others. Allow yourself the full impact of the anger, then make a decision to release it for your own benefit. Allow for the possibility that the person you are angry with did the best he or she could with whatever tools for survival he or she had to work with – even if those tools caused pain or collateral damage to you. Imagine releasing that person to the universe, and release your obligation and right to punish. You are exactly where you are meant to be in the universe, right now. Begin to embrace the possible benefits this experience could have in your life moving forward.

3. Stop the repeated negative thought patterns in their tracks. Visualize a big red “X” through the negative thought and say “Cancel” or “Stop.” You can also try slapping your hand on a table and moving to another activity to interrupt the thinking.

4. Begin embracing and inviting more positive thought patterns into your life. Imagine what you truly desire in all sensory detail. Fantasize about how it will taste, feel, smell, sound, and look to have what you want in life.