Stop social media spam accounts from following you

Stop social media spam accounts from following you

Let me show you how to fight back against the massive influx of Twitter porn spam bots that are following, liking and tweeting you 24/7! This method will attack them where it hurts the most, their wallets.

You can also use these same exact tactics to report any porn bots found on any services like Instagram, Thingiverse, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Just follow the links in incognito and record the redirect URL from the plugin or from the URL if it’s visible and report it to the site you end up at. Good hunting!

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) Why do the porn bots use different intermediate sites each time you click the same link.
A) They want to ensure that the traffic going to the porn sites looks like it’s coming from multiple different locations so they don’t catch onto their scam. Trust me when I say the companies want to find these people so it really helps when we report them properly with the link containing their affiliate ID.

Q) What is the strange booming noise throughout the video?
A) It’s my mic stand, it picks up and resonates taps on the desk. I need to go back to a hanging microphone.

Q) Will this also work on other platforms like Instagram?
A) Yes! No matter where the spam advertisers is the affiliate tracking # in the URL is the dead giveaway to report them.

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