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The stock market at present could be difficult for the unskilled trader, and it can be absolutely devastating to their market account. Trading must be addressed as a profession and those who do not treat it in this method will be separated from their cash very quickly. Trading can be disappointing at certain times. However, trading stocks is without question a great way to earn money, and a lot people are successful making money trading in the stock market.

Trading involves risks and by any means, those stock traders who fail, do not have a specific plan or strategy of entering or exiting the markets without reason. They will enter a position and will not exit the position until the losses are painful causing serious hardships to their trading accounts. These traders who lose fall into one of the several typical patterns, as they are unwilling to let a position be stopped out using a stop-loss order. These types of stock traders are conditioned to avoid the current pain of taking a loss by moving a stop-loss order to a lower price or removing it completely. This type of trading plan plays on the emotions of hope that frequently turns into fear. Successful stock market traders have disciplined themselves to stay in control and not allow their emotions of hope, fear, or greed take over them.

Successful traders have methods that allow them to watch until the trade comes to them, they do not force the trade, nor do they rush to cut profits. However, the unsuccessful stock traders time and again scalp the profit as soon as it appears, as they fear that the price could change against their position. Usually unsuccessful traders will enter a position placed on emotions; while successful traders try to find new ways to manage their emotions when they start to trade the stock market. Successful traders understand foremost that they will experience losses and they overcome fear by making changes to their positions by adapting to the stock markets.

Wealthy traders always have a plan, and they follow it, without exceptions as they wait until the trade comes to them. Once these profitable traders enter upon a position, they do not rush to cut profits. They are unlike the other traders who often scalp the profit as soon as it appears. A profitable trader employs strategies and find additional ways to cope with their emotions when they begin to trade stocks. By ruling their emotions, successful investors choose the right amount of risk for their profit/loss goals. They become aware of that risk management is one of the most important factors in a trade.

To gain success a trader should know before entering a trade or adding to a trade, what the stop-loss will be, what trailing stop they will use, and most importantly their exit strategy before they even enter a position. Once these types of traders place a trade, they are prepared to forget about it as far as the pre-determined exit strategy is met. Until these unsuccessful traders develop a disciplined program along with risk management to obtain their financial goals, then possibly these traders should consider subscribing to some of the newsletters to aid them in their trading decisions. There are several newsletters and stock market pick services out there. However, these services are like discovering a trading system or strategy that fits your personality or goals and that alone can be challenging in itself. I wish you success and good luck.

When looking for a services to aid you in your stock market pick decisions, make sure that it fits your personality and goals.

What Just Happened To The Stock Market? – It’s Just The Beginning!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent dip in the stock market unfortunately vindicating what we at WAM have been warning about frequently for the past 5 months.
The DOW Industrial at one point dropped 6.19%!
Now the market has become vastly volatile. We saw many flood out of the DOW and the S&P into bonds. Now they’re selling off bonds into stocks and there seems to be a very obvious identity crisis happening.
We saw a big red flag two weeks ago when Larry Fink of BlackRock told people to buy in…high. So we called it out. The fact is, we are seeing red flags left and right. Alan Greenspan just called the market a bubble. Even the mainstream is admitting it’s concerning. Then it goes up again a little bit and everyone thinks it’s fine. The bottoms have not even been remotely tested. We will see a crash one way or another. It’s inevitable and has been for a long time.
The markets are manipulated into prosperity and that makes it that much more inevitable that it will be manipulated into oblivion. People are speculating on numbers rather than fundamentals. The market has been flooded for far too long and it must come down. Talk about debt and derivatives!
All the while, the fiat central banking system is on the brink of disaster. All fiat currencies eventually revert to their intrinsic value of zero. They always have, they always will.
So people need to take financial responsibility. That’s always the bottom line. The hallmark of freedom itself. Responsibility, independence. We must decentralize and stop falling for the games of the bankers and instead play the game of life. Money’s great. Look towards cash flow. Diversify. Cryptocurrencies considering the product they offer have a great future. It’s only the beginning. However, stay away from the cryptocurrencies that have no true fundamental value. Due dilligence my friends.
This is not meant as financial advise. This is strictly our opinions but if it quacks like a duck…

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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